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10 Lessons Learned from University (.edu) Redesigns

So, it’s time to redesign your college or university website. Where do you begin? How do you make the project a success? What are some things to watch out for? With so much to consider, the whole thing can seem daunting.

Fortunately for you, Viget has years of experience creating award-winning .edu websites – Duke Forward and Admissions, University of Pennsylvania, and Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies to name a few – and we’ve got some insights that will help your project go smoothly.

Speaking the Same Language About Research

I recently wrote about how we’re taking steps to do more research at Viget. Part of that effort is educating teammates on high-level, pragmatic topics like how to talk about the benefits of research and respond to client objections. Ultimately, we want to have an effect on company processes and culture, not just to have siloed conversations about theory and the minutia of individual methods.

With that said, one requirement for building a shared culture is that everyone is speaking the same language. What exactly are we talking about when we talk about research?

I’d like to answer this question from two complementary perspectives:

  1. What words should we use to talk about research?
  2. When do we use different types of research?

10 Ways Your Google Tag Manager Setup Might Be Broken

Last year, I wrote two posts about ways that your GA setup might be broken without you realizing it.  Since then, Google Tag Manager has exploded onto the scene, earning a 62% tag management market share of the top 100,000 websites.  Compared to last year, usage of GTM on these sites has grown an impressive 142%.

As with Google Analytics, you can get started relatively easily, but also easily fall into data collection dangers, inadvertently corrupting your data without realizing it.  Below are 10 of the most common issues we see with GTM setups, often as they relate to Google Analytics.  Avoid these pitfalls as you head into the new year!

Product Metrics for Web Analysts: Customer Acquisition Cost

As a digital analyst, I spend a lot of time looking at data generated from websites - data such as pageviews and conversion rates. Web browsing data, however, only gives a partial view of the success of a business because your website is only one component of your overall marketing mix. It’s easy to forget that some business metrics live outside of our web analytics package.

How We Started Doing More Research at Viget

We should be doing more research.

Six months ago, this was a sentiment that the UX team at Viget seemed to be expressing more and more.

This isn’t to say we don’t do a lot of research. We do. But sometimes... we don’t. Sometimes we ship stuff with assumptions baked in because for whatever reason, we didn’t have the time or the budget or the buy-in for research. It’s something that happens often enough to make us feel uneasy. Professionally inauthentic, even: