Elliott Muñoz

Senior Designer

Elliott joined Viget after a year at the Washington Post, where he led the internal redesign of washingtonpost.com. Outside of work he likes to read, shop, and eat.

Other Interests

  • Art
  • Beer
  • Cats
  • Coffee
  • Food/Cooking
  • Vigegym

6 Loves

2 Posts

  • An Omnigraffle Stencil for Twitter Bootstrap 2

    Let’s start this off by saying we’re pretty big fans of Twitter Bootstrap. We’ve had opportunities to use Twitter Bootstrap casually over the past year, mostly to fill in the gaps…

  • Timesaver: Launching Sites with Alfred

    We have a long-standing history of being as efficient (*cough*) as possible here at Viget (see here, here, and here). We also have an ever-growing number of web apps and project-specific…