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Fun and Games with Design Challenges

At Viget, we work on everything from content sites to complex applications. Accordingly, as UX designers, we need to maintain a well-rounded and contemporary set of skills that we can draw upon as needed. 

We're constantly learning from the variety of client projects, and we have time each week for professional development. But sometimes we want to build skills collectively, maximizing the chance for collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing. Recently, we’ve experimented with design challenges as a way to develop skills as a team.

Design Challenges offer a fun way for us to explore new techniques as a team, outside of the constraints of client work. In the past year, we’ve run challenges to improve our prototyping skills, develop empathy for usability test participants, and explore the use of fun to change behavior. 

Designing for Accessibility: 3 Things To Watch For

Accessibility has long been an interest for our designers. Back in 2009, Viget design team alum Samantha Warren wrote a post about designing for accessibility right here on the Inspire blog. It remains one of our most trafficked blog posts, and lately we’ve been making an even bigger push to design with accessibility in mind so it's worth revisiting. A lot can change in 6 years… for proof, we need look no further than the Viget blog design circa 2009:

Viget blog design, 2009

Let’s Brand a Hackathon!

Viget recently organized, Pebble Rocks Boulder, a weekend-long hackathon focused on hardware like the Pebble watch, wearables, 3D printing, etc. (Read all about the actual event here!) My job for the event was simple: make sure everything in terms of visuals, voice, and concept lived up to that name and, well, rocked. As the first hackathon Viget’s organized, everything had to feel cohesive and polished to give the event an air of credibility. Above all though it had to look fun! Fun to participate in, fun to sponsor, fun to volunteer at. So here’s a look into what went into branding an event like this: