Penn Admissions

The University of Pennsylvania Admissions team wanted site visitors to explore and discover the innovative academics, diverse student body, and vibrant atmosphere that life at Penn has to offer. They also sought to extend their “At Penn You Can” messaging, used in their existing print materials, that describes the core values of their school. Viget helped Penn realize this vision with a new site design that is exciting, fresh, and spirited.

Sticky “At Penn You Can” Bar

The new homepage provides a unique experience for users and encourages discovery and exploration via a navigation bar that sticks to the top of the page as you scroll down. The sticky navigation enables users to navigate through Penn’s six brand tenants.

UX Design & Page Archetypes

Viget conducted extensive audience research to understand Penn Admissions’ site users, their online behaviors, and how they needed to interact with the site. This research, coupled with a thorough site audit, informed our information architecture and wireframes. Knowing that the Penn team would continue to add new content in the future, we created a set of page archetypes that would provide a set structure for additional pages. This not only created an easily maintainable structure, but also allow the site layout and aesthetic to stay interesting and fresh across multiple pages.

Mega Menu Navigation

An easy to update mega menu at the top of every page enables Penn to surface content to users, improves findability, and engages users via quick access to pages, embedded videos, and imagery to drive engagement and interaction with key pages.

Visual Design

The visual design complements Penn’s printed viewbook, reflects the brand, and communicates the university’s spirit and diversity. Bold photography, fun visual surprises, active images of students, and the prevalence of Ben Franklin help to visually tell the Penn story.

Expression Engine CMS

Penn needed a Content Management System that enables site admins to easily maintain the entire site without having to know HTML.  We integrated the buildout with a custom ExpressionEngine installation, providing an intuitive, user-friendly interface that would allow the admissions staff to quickly update content and manage multiple pages.

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