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DICK’S Sporting Goods Women’s Fitness 2014 Campaign: A Shareable and Shoppable Experience for Women

When you think of DICK’S Sporting Goods, masculine team sports like football and baseball may come to mind, but their wide array of product offerings include everything from football cleats to yoga mats. Women are already key customers at DICK’S but are often shopping for their husbands and their children, rather than themselves. With their current digital campaign, DICK’S wants to let women know their stores have the range of products and expertise to meet all of a woman’s personal fitness needs as well.

The Women’s Fitness 2014 campaign showcases women doing everything from yoga and running to kickboxing and barre while also highlighting the lifestyle side of fitness. Site visitors move through six different activities featuring videos of women in action overlayed with related content. This content includes products as well as inspirational quotes and imagery. Each of these individual pieces of content is easily shareable on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

The result is a shareable and shoppable experience for women that not only helps them see the latest gear in action but also provides a dose of inspiration as well. Visit to experience the site for yourself and read our full Case Study for all of the behind the scenes details on how we designed and built the site.

Eight Years of Blogging: 1,600 Posts and Counting

Eight years ago today I wrote Viget's first official blog post titled "20 Brains, Six Years, Four Labs, and One Post (to start)."  I promised that we would share "our experiences, insights, and expertise" and that "at times we may be arrogant, boring, or flat-out wrong; but, we will always be positive and respectful and will post only with the best intentions."

1,600 posts later, I’d say we've stuck to that commitment well.  In 2012, Zach shared a bunch of stats in Viget Blogs by the Numbers including an estimate of how much revenue we could attribute to our blogging efforts.  Looking back at just the last three years, more than 85% of visits to arrived via a blog post -- more than 2.5 million first-time visitors.  

Those numbers continue to grow but don't tell the full story.  Having our team write here week after week has provided tremendous value to Viget in terms of professional growth, recruiting, business development -- truly every part of our business.  

While topics have ranged from hiring smart to healthy living, our most popular posts tend to be specific, helpful, and pretty nerdy:

We continue to categorize our blogs to cater to four audiences:

With an average of 100,000 page views each month, we’re thrilled that our posts are so well read, shared, and commented upon.  We want to say a heartfelt "thank you" to our regular readers and a hearty "welcome" to our new ones.  If there's a topic you'd like us to cover during the next eight years, please let us know.


My Quest for the Perfect Screenshot App

I like words, but I prefer to communicate visually. One of the more frequent modes of my visual communication is the shared screenshot. I snap and share screenshots dozens of times per day. ⌘-⇧-4 and I are close friends.

Finding the Perfect Tool

Given the frequency with which I share screenshots, I needed a tool to make the process easier. My requirements were simple:


Must be drop dead simple to use. I press a keyboard shortcut, drag my screenshot area, and the screenshot is uploaded, and its URL is copied to my clipboard. No unnecessary steps.

Bring Your Own Storage

I've been burned in the past by having a large number of files trapped on an overpriced service. I won't make that mistake again. From now on, it's my personal S3 bucket, or bust.

Link Directly to the File

I regularly post screenshots into Campfire. URLs to HTML wrapper pages that contain a download link do me no good. I need the actual file's URL copied to my clipboard.


The best price. Bonus points for open source.

Join Us for DC Digital Analytics Thursday

Join us for DC Digital Analytics Thursday on May 15, 2014. Co-hosted by Blue State Digital at their DC office, the event will feature presentations and discussions for digital analytics professionals. We'll have short talks on topics such as data visualization, testing culture, and tag management. Check out the Meetup page for more information, and to sign up!

At the Heart of It All: Finding More Than An Office Manager

Four years ago today, I was wading through responses to our craigslist ad for an Office Manager. When I wrote the ad, I went out on a limb and tried something non-traditional and creative, attempting to appeal to the heart and mind of a very special person. To my surprise and relief, after several weeks and several hundred applicants, it worked. That very special person was Khanh Stenberg. She joined Viget in May 2010. I think in my seven years at Viget, writing that job listing may have been my greatest achievement so far because it helped us find and hire one of our most influential people to date.