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Find the Right Social Media Tools with SocialPiq

Social media platforms are an effective way to reach your audience, whether you’re an individual blogger or a Fortune 500 company. The problem is, if you’re just starting to experiment with social platforms, or even if you’re a social veteran looking to up your game,  it’s difficult to pick the best social media management tools out of the hundreds that are available. Whether you need to manage multiple social accounts, listen and react to conversations, schedule posts, or measure results, we think your time is better used mastering social media instead of searching for the best social media tools.

An Immersive, Lifestyle-focused E-commerce Site: Launching the New

When we get together as a company, we’ve been known to not only have a good time, but to also capture and share it in a creative way. What’s better than combining adventure and photography?

That's why we were thrilled to work with GoPole, a company that creates products for that exact exciting combination. GoPole, the number one selling brand for GoPro camera accessories and mounts, was looking for a new site that reflected their international success and growing brand presence. But most importantly, they needed a site that matched the active lifestyle of their audience.

With that in mind, we set out launch the new

More Than an E-commerce Site

GoPole sells their products internationally through several channels -- big retail chains, small sports shops, and in their own online store. While creating an intuitive and functional e-commerce system for users to easily purchase products was a priority, we knew the site was more than just an online store.

The story of GoPole and its brand is best told through its users. Cliff jumping, parasailing, canyon diving, surfing, bungee jumping, skydiving -- if you can imagine it, a GoPole owner has probably done it (and proudly shared their photos as evidence). We were inspired by the vibrancy we found in these photos, and knew they had to play a significant role on the new site. What tells the GoPole story better than the look of a skydiver freefalling in a bear suit, or a surfer catching the perfect wave right as the sun sets?

We made it a priority to use these photos across the site. Media is featured on the homepage, in a dedicated media section (where you can filter by photo, video, element, activity, and product used), and of course, on the product pages. These photos effectively sell the utility and the story behind the product.

Upcoming Refresh Boulder: Jen Lewin presents Please Touch The Art

Join us at our Boulder office on Thursday, July 24th at 6:00 PM for Refresh Boulder. Jen Lewin, Owner of Jen Lewin Studio, will present Please Touch The Art.

For the last 15 years Jen Lewin has been creating large, immersive, interactive art pieces for the public. From interactive sound and light sculptures that inspire people into play, to woven fiber video curtains that reflect movement, or giant, robotic, ethereal moths that dance based on human touch. Lewin’s ability to utilize technology as a medium is rare and unprecedented. She brings an organic, feminine quality to her electronic work that leaves viewers enchanted and surprised. 

She will showcase several large interactive art installations created to activate and connect community. Using examples such as The Pool which is currently traveling world wide or her Light and Sound Harps, Lewin will demonstrate how interactive sculpture can be used to transform and change the public experience. 

The evening kicks off at 6:00 PM with pizza, beer, and some good old fashioned mingling.  At 6:30 PM, the presentation will begin. 

All of the official details

What: Refresh Boulder

When: Thursday, July 24th at 6:00PM

Where: Viget Boulder, 1360 Walnut Street, Suite 100 

Why: To come together and refresh the creative, technical, and professional aspects of our trades.  

RSVP: Please RSVP on our Meetup Page

We look forward to seeing you there!

What to Know About Benefits Before Accepting a Job

One of my responsibilities here at Viget is benefits administration, so I often speak with candidates during the interview process about our benefits offering.  During our discussions, I sometimes ask candidates how our benefits compare to those at their current employer or those at other firms at which they are interviewing.  I am surprised by how frequently I encounter blank stares.  In my experience, many people have a surface knowledge of “benefits” and, therefore, have a hard time recognizing really good benefits -- and really poor benefits.  

I’d like to offer a few tips to candidates on benefits questions they should be asking.


  • When will coverage begin?  Is there a waiting period?
  • How much will the employee be expected to pay towards their health coverage?
  • How much will the employee be expected to pay towards coverage for dependents?
  • Are there multiple plans from which to choose?
  • Who is the healthcare provider?

At Viget, for example, we offer two healthcare options -- both with Cigna.  Coverage begins with date of hire, so there is no waiting period.  And, most significantly, Viget pays 100% of all monthly premiums -- for employees and dependents.  Additionally, if employees enroll in our HSA plan option, we fully fund their annual deductible.  This level of coverage can be equivalent to ~$15,000/year.  Make sure when you evaluate various job offers that you take into consideration what your cost of coverage will be.


  • Is there a retirement plan? (often called a 401(k) plan)
  • When can you participate?
  • Will the employer match your contributions?  To what percentage?
  • Is there a vesting schedule?
  • What type of plan is it?
  • Who is the retirement plan with? 
  • Will it accept rollovers?
  • Can you take out loans?

We offer a retirement plan at Viget through Fidelity Investments.  We actually have two 401(k) plans to choose from:  a traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k).  Regardless of plan chosen, Viget matches up to 4% of employee monthly contributions.  There is a mandatory two-month waiting period until new hires can begin participating in our retirement plan; however, once they are eligible to join the plan, they are immediately vested at 100%.  Our plans both accept qualified rollovers and allow participants to take out loans against their balances.  The two most important aspects to think about are: 1) the employer match amount; and 2) how long it takes to become 100% vested.  You want to know how much potential free money is at stake as you evaluate competing offers.