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Dick’s Sporting Goods Running 2014 Campaign: Launching an Immersive Video Lookbook

Whether hitting the trail or pounding the pavement, runners need to know that their gear will keep up with them. It’s helpful to see products in action before making a purchasing decision. For our most recent collaboration with Dick’s Sporting Goods, our challenge was to feature products in a fresh way that allowed customers to see them up close and in motion — through a digital experience. We decided to create an immersive video lookbook that builds an emotional connection with runners while introducing them to the best running gear of 2014.

Upcoming Refresh Boulder - From Canada to Mexico: Developing a Product for a Fragmented Industry

Join us at our Boulder office on Thursday, March 27th at 7:00 PM for Refresh Boulder. Will Butler, Co-Founder and VP of Partnerships at Unreasonable Adventures will present From Canada to Mexico: Developing a Product for a Fragmented Industry.  

At Unreasonable Adventures, we make it incredibly simple for small - medium sized tour operators to give their websites' online reservation/payment processing capabilities. There is likely no business, more so than a tour operation, that requires less capital to start and has more of a positive impact on a local community. At its most basic elements, these companies are created by people who know and love their region, and want to share with visitors what makes their home so special. Before launching UA, my team and I spent 3 months cycling from Canada to Mexico in an effort to get in front of as many potential customers and better understand why this industry wasn't online. What we quickly realized was that the guiding industry was extremely fragmented, lacked very few major "influencers", and had a whole host of extremely individualized needs. This Refresh will be a deep-dive into how UA has sought to create a product for 80% of their industry in the hopes of ultimately landing their tools in the hands of tens of thousands of tour guides across the globe.

All of the official details

What: Refresh Boulder

When: Thursday, March 27th at 7:00PM

Where: Viget Boulder, 1360 Walnut Street, Suite 100 

Why: To come together and refresh the creative, technical, and professional aspects of our trades.  

RSVP: Please RSVP on our Meetup Page

We look forward to seeing you there!

SpotsYou: Gym Reimbursements Through Mutual Commitment

Free Lunch Fridays. Third Third Thursdays. 100% covered health benefits. Shiny Apple hardware. It’s not as if Viget is lacking in the benefits department. But there’s always room for more, right? Say hello to SpotsYou, a simple app we built to reimburse employees for gym memberships -- memberships they actually use.

Ethics and Honor in the Workplace

If you’re a regular reader of the Viget blogs, then you already have a sense for the close-knit, family atmosphere we’ve fostered here at Viget.  Not coincidentally, I believe, we have high retention rates and continue to maintain strong relationships with Viget Alumni who depart for new adventures (and who sometimes return) as a result of this culture.  While we blog often about the fun team-building activities we sponsor (like broomball, curling, and snow tubing last month) that reinforce this tight-knit culture, there is another facet of Viget culture that unites us that is rarely discussed outside of Viget: ethics and honor in the workplace.  

For context, I started my career years ago as a civilian contractor for the US Navy.  Like everyone else who has worked on Government contracts, I was required to affirm annually that I had read and would comply with the Procurement Integrity Act.  I’ve endured background checks, drug tests, polygraphs, and DIS interviews.  And, for ten years, I worked alongside military personnel who epitomized honor and integrity.  These principles weren’t empty words during this stage of my career:  these rules of conduct were frequently referenced in everyday conversations, tales from the battlefield, and how everyone treated one another.

Here at Viget, I have HR responsibilities, run payroll, administer benefits, participate in pricing and proposal development, and negotiate contracts -- nearly everything I do requires strict adherence to ethical standards and I find myself talking about ethics with others here quite frequently.  Conducting oneself honorably and with integrity underlies so much of what we do and I wonder if our focus on it is unusual today.  I am disheartened every time I read about another scandal at a publicly-traded company, non-profit, or government agency where greed or a lapse of ethics contribute to widespread fraud, theft, or corruption.  And, let’s not talk about the most disappointing role model in recent memory.

Omaha That: For Life’s Audibles

We have a few football fans here at Viget, quite a few in our Durham office. So when some healthy water cooler talk broke out around the Super Bowl yesterday, our creative and internet-loving minds wandered and hatched a small idea.

And with a quick sketch from Peyton we had our design.

Then Manning took over and brought things to life.

Thus proving (to me) that Viget, much like the internet, is a pretty magical place.

Where in less than 24 hours Peyton and Manning can create Peyton Manning.

So check out Omaha That — for those situations when you need to call an audible.