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Viget Internship Applicant Volume and Sourcing

Since starting our internship program three years ago, we’ve made a point of tracking data along the way. We’ve been especially interested in applicant volume and sourcing since those issues are especially pertinent to launching a new program. And, three years in, we have more points of comparison than ever.

We’re less interested in drawing hard and fast conclusions than in getting a sense for trends and finding ways to improve. At this point, it seems safe to say that Viget can expect a few hundred internship applicants every year. We’ve also learned how much difference the official title of a role can make. And, finally, a lesson that comes as no surprise: our best source of top interns is our own work, culture, and people.

*Infographics by Janice Pang, 2014 Design Intern at Viget.

As the below graphic shows, volume roughly doubled between 2012 and 2013. Then volume fell by about 25%, in 2014.

However, this year’s dip in applicant volume is not a bad thing, as the next graphic helps show.

To understand the decrease, we need to consider the history of our Marketing internship role. In 2013, the “Marketing” internship received 127 applicants, with many of those applicants also expressing interest in the Project Manager internship. We found the majority of those applicants were unqualified for the role. That’s because they were interested in traditional marketing rather than in Google Analytics and working with data, which had increasingly become the internship’s focus.

So, this year, we decided to swap out the word “Marketing” for the more accurate title of “Digital Analyst.” The nature of the internship itself—and our complete description of it in the body of our posting—has not significantly changed. We also decided not to offer the PM Internship at all, for unrelated reasons. We received twenty-four reasonably qualified DA applicants compared to last year’s 125 Marketing applicants. And it seems safe to say that the roughly one-hundred-applicant difference in this category probably accounts for this year’s dip in overall application volume.

From the start, we’ve asked applicants how they find out about Viget and our internship program. This information helps us understand how to recruit for the following year’s crop.

By “Viget Stuff,” we mean anything generated by our people here at Viget: our client work, events we attend or speak at, our blog posts, and word-of-mouth leads. More and more, I find, our top internship applicants hear about us via “word-of-mouth” in particular. When we first started our summer program three years ago, “word-of-mouth” was an infrequent applicant source. Now, I regularly hear, “my friend told me to apply” or “my professor mentioned it.” That’s a great sign that, as our internship program becomes more effective and cohesive each year, so does our broader community of former interns, professors, and friends spreading the word.

Making the Most of Your Internship

As the 2014 summer internship program at Viget winds down, and we get close to saying our sad goodbyes, I’ve been focusing on how the past 10 weeks have gone. I am so grateful for how much I’ve learned and been able to do here. For some of my classmates, a summer internship was little more than résumé padding, which is a sad way to spend all that time. While obviously the first step to having a successful internship is finding a great one (ahem), you should also take advantage of everything that’s available around that internship as well. I’d like to share a few suggestions from my experiences to help you make the most of your internship.

Enjoy the Work

Get excited about the work! The 2014 Viget interns in each lab had a personal project to develop their personal skillsets. You can learn a lot if you take your work seriously.

Do your best to get to know your fellow interns. I was the lone intern in Boulder this summer, but through all the collaboration (and an awesome chat room), I made some great friends. We were lucky to have such a phenomenal intern group, and it’s been a blast getting to work together on Winsome this summer.

Find the Right Social Media Tools with SocialPiq

Social media platforms are an effective way to reach your audience, whether you’re an individual blogger or a Fortune 500 company. The problem is, if you’re just starting to experiment with social platforms, or even if you’re a social veteran looking to up your game,  it’s difficult to pick the best social media management tools out of the hundreds that are available. Whether you need to manage multiple social accounts, listen and react to conversations, schedule posts, or measure results, we think your time is better used mastering social media instead of searching for the best social media tools.

An Immersive, Lifestyle-focused E-commerce Site: Launching the New

When we get together as a company, we’ve been known to not only have a good time, but to also capture and share it in a creative way. What’s better than combining adventure and photography?

That's why we were thrilled to work with GoPole, a company that creates products for that exact exciting combination. GoPole, the number one selling brand for GoPro camera accessories and mounts, was looking for a new site that reflected their international success and growing brand presence. But most importantly, they needed a site that matched the active lifestyle of their audience.

With that in mind, we set out launch the new

More Than an E-commerce Site

GoPole sells their products internationally through several channels -- big retail chains, small sports shops, and in their own online store. While creating an intuitive and functional e-commerce system for users to easily purchase products was a priority, we knew the site was more than just an online store.

The story of GoPole and its brand is best told through its users. Cliff jumping, parasailing, canyon diving, surfing, bungee jumping, skydiving -- if you can imagine it, a GoPole owner has probably done it (and proudly shared their photos as evidence). We were inspired by the vibrancy we found in these photos, and knew they had to play a significant role on the new site. What tells the GoPole story better than the look of a skydiver freefalling in a bear suit, or a surfer catching the perfect wave right as the sun sets?

We made it a priority to use these photos across the site. Media is featured on the homepage, in a dedicated media section (where you can filter by photo, video, element, activity, and product used), and of course, on the product pages. These photos effectively sell the utility and the story behind the product.