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15 Ways Your Google Analytics Might Be Broken, Part 2:  Checking the Interface

In Part 1 of this post, we showed ways that you can check your technical setup to make sure it’s not giving you unexpected data.  This second part shows ways that you can check your interface -- without ever needing to look at the code -- to make sure all your data is reporting as-expected.  Let’s get to it!

15 Ways Your Google Analytics Might Be Broken, Part 1:  Checking the Code, Requests, and Cookies

Google Analytics feels user-friendly.  It seems easy to set up -- just drop the GA tracking code on your site, and see data!  With this seeming user-friendliness comes a lot of opportunities to break your GA data without realizing it.  On almost every new analytics engagement, we find organizations with existing data that they never knew was incorrect.  Just because data’s showing up, however, doesn’t mean it’s right.

This post will show you ways you can check your tracking code, requests, and cookies to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.  Part 2 shows you how to check for other signals of broken data by using the GA interface.  It assumes that, like most organizations, you’re still using the Classic asynchronous tracking method rather than the new Universal Analytics.

Your GA data might be broken if ...

Upgrading to Universal Analytics: How to Set Up Out-of-this-World Tracking

In the near future, Google Analytics will require you to use Universal Analytics (UA).  UA is a new way for you to send -- and Google to process -- your analytics data.  This post explains how it’s different from the current Classic collection method, why you’d want to make the switch, and the relatively simple process for upgrading.

A TED Talk Discussion: The Next Boulder Digital Project Manager Happy Hour

On Thursday, March 27, Boulder-based, web-focused Project Managers will get together for another happy hour presentation. We are trying something new this time around -- we’re going to watch and discuss a popular TED Talk that relates to project management.

There are many fascinating, inspiring, and educational TED Talks out there. When I have an opportunity, I always feel like it’s a valuable use of time to watch a talk. What would make it even more valuable would be the opportunity to discuss with others the content of the talk and how I could apply it to my everyday life. The TED Talk we’ll watch focuses on leadership, and I look forward to discussing with other project managers how we can improve our leadership skills, as being an effective leader is a primary part of our job.

Boulder Project Manager Meetup Wrap-Up: A Mountain of Challenges

Take a moment and imagine the following scenario: a prospective client comes in and says they want to build a mobile application that will need to use technology that doesn’t yet exist. Also, the app needs to launch in less than three months. Now imagine you say “yes” to this client and project. Corban Baxter, Creative Director at Made Movement, found himself in this situation when Made Movement agreed to build Copper Mountain an app that would shepherd skiers and snowboards around the mountain.

This type of situation can be exciting, terrifying, and stressful, but at the end of the day if you’ve promised to deliver, you have to start figuring out how to do it -- and then you have to deliver. At February’s Boulder Digital PM Meetup, Corban Baxter walked us through how he and his team at Made created the Sherpa App for Copper Mountain in just under three months.

It was fascinating to hear about his experience and how his team approached the challenge. Three things in particular stood out to me: