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Keys to Effective User Stories: The Next Boulder Digital Project Manager Happy Hour

On Thursday, June 26, Boulder-based, web-focused Project Managers will get together for our first happy hour panel.

At the next Boulder Digital Project Manager meetup, The Product Management team from SportsLabs will highlight their agile process and how it facilitates writing succinct and effective user stories. They will discuss quality user story structure, best practices of writing users stories, and provide examples of user stories that allow them to build valuable products for their clients. Tendril's Director of Product Management, Karen Fidelak, will also be in to provide additional insights on following BDD (Behavioral Drive Design).

We are excited to host our first panel and know it will drive great conversation around creating good user stories in an agile environment.

Boulder Project Manager Meetup Wrap-up: Small Office. High Productivity.

Let me do a quick inventory of my desk. I use a standing desk that has multiple surfaces -- so a lot of room to store things. I’ve got my cinema display, my macbook air, a wireless apple keyboard, wireless apple trackpad, four (four!) notebooks/notepads, a lollypop, my Tracktor, spare parts for my Tracktor, my old laptop, a client’s brand guidelines book, a “Spinning Executive Decision Maker” paper weight (how else will projects get managed?), and an empty candy jar. I do love my tracktor, but I can admit much of what else is on my desk does not increase productivity or allow me to do my job better. What I learned at the last Boulder Digital Project Manager (BDPM) Meetup though, is even what I think does allow me to do my job better (my full sized keyboard, trackpad, and cinema display) is in reality not necessary either.

Mike Redmer, Chief Operations Officer and Partner at fleetCreature, manages digital projects from an office that fits inside a bag half the size of a typical messenger bag. He’s able to work from anywhere, at any time, in the blink of an eye using just his iPad mini, an attachable Logitech mini keyboard, a Jawbone bluetooth headset, some very short charging cables, a screen cleaner, and the ipad/iphone apps he depends on. Working this efficiently seems freeing, and we (BDPM members) wanted to bring Mike in to understand how he’s able to be successful, as well as WHY he decided to work minimally in the first place. Mike was kind enough to come in and be interviewed for our most recent meetup.

Small Office, High Productivity—An Interview With Mike Redmer: The Next BDPM Happy Hour

On Thursday, May 22, Boulder-based, web-focused Project Managers will get together for another happy hour presentation.

The next BDPM Happy Hour will feature an in-person interview with Mike Redmer, Chief Operations Officer and Partner at fleetCreature, on how he efficiently manages a business from an office that fits into a backpack. Mike will share what hardware and software he uses, the management practices, and the results of operating in small, mobile, and efficient office.

Mike Redmer began as a project manager at fleetCreature and has evolved his role to Chief Operations Officer and Partner. Mike brings a background in psychology, human and systems development, and a love for experimenting with new technology to his position and company. In his tenure at fleetCreature, Mike has worked on a variety of website and application design and development for local and national clients.

Boulder Project Manager Meetup Wrap-Up: Apps For The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

If you’ve been a Digital Project Manager (DPM) for longer than — say — a minute, you’ve probably been on a project with crazy expectations and crazier deadlines. Even though we’ve all been there, it’s always interesting and educational to learn how other teams have dealt with these unrealistic situations. This is why the Boulder DPM Meetup (BDPM) has had a few presentations that relate to this subject, and why we will continue to do so in the future.

In our latest BDPM Presentation, we heard Dan Fox, VP/Executive Creative Director at Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP&B), talk about creating the website and applications for The Tonight Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon. I don’t know Jimmy Fallon (sadly) but I can only assume he was not going to settle for anything less than a fully baked and working product. He also wasn’t going to delay his debut on the Tonight Show if the website wasn’t ready, so despite only starting on the project in late November, everything needed to be up and running by February 17th.