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Make Your GTM Auto-Event Tracking More Resilient

Several months ago, Google announced a brand new ‘auto-event tracking’ feature within Google Tag Manager (GTM). This feature allows GTM users to fire snippets of tracking code (or any code, for that matter) without making any modifications to a page’s markup. Instead, GTM can ‘listen’ for specific interactions, such as clicks, link clicks, and form submissions, which then trigger individual GTM tags.

What We Mean When We Talk About Agile

Working at a digital agency means frequently hearing the question "Are you agile?" We hear it from clients and recruits, from colleagues and peers.

It's a tough question.

"Are you agile?" is fraught and often unanswerable because it's usually jammed with subtext; the question is really asking something else. I want to unpack the question's hidden meanings to make it easier to talk about those things rather than invoking the "A" word.

A Mountain of Challenges: The Next Boulder Digital Project Manager Happy Hour Presentation

On Thursday, February 20, Boulder-based, web-focused Project Managers will get together for another happy hour presentation. This time around we’ll hear Corban Baxter, Creative Technology Director at Made Movement, speak about his experience creating the Copper Mountain Sherpa App in his presentation “A Mountain of Challenges”.

Boulder Project Manager Meetup Wrap-Up: Motivating Team Members

Image credit: Steve Schoeffel

No matter what your role is or what your company does, we’ve all been there: required to do work that is dull, uninspiring, or repetitive. We all get through it, and understand it’s a part of our jobs, but that doesn’t make it any more fun to go through. The difference for Project Managers (PMs) is that it’s part of a PM’s job, life goals, etc., to keep team members motivated, excited, and inspired during those tough stretches. Actually doing this is no easy feat, which is why we chose it as the topic of the month for January’s Boulder Web Project Manager Meetup.

Every month Web PMs around the Boulder and Denver area get together to discuss, question, and learn through focused conversations or presentations from members of the community. January’s topic was Motivating Team Members and conversation focused around what we can do as PMs to motivate our teams: what’s been working, what hasn’t, and what new strategies we should be trying. Below is a summary of the conversation and some lessons learned.

A Different Way to Think About Process

When I interviewed at Viget three years ago, I asked a lot of questions about the company’s project “process.” I had previously worked at a startup whose process was largely “make it up as we go along,” and I had read several books and articles on agile development before the interview. So I assumed the startup was clueless, and that surely Viget had a concrete, repeatable, nameable process.

I can’t remember what they told me in the interview. Probably a variation of what we tell clients: “modified agile”; one- or two-week sprints; daily (or thrice-weekly) standups; pair programming when appropriate. Whatever they said, it kind of made sense.

Once hired, I learned about Viget’s process in more detail. I learned how we use Unfuddle, a project management tool; how we run kickoff and iteration planning meetings; how to follow project management checklists. For two-plus years, it kind of made sense.

And then I realized: it kind of didn’t.

It’s not that Viget doesn’t have process. It’s that my mental model of what process is and what it’s for was misguided. I knew nothing.

So I want to share what I have since learned about process — what it is and what it isn’t; what it can and can’t do.