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The ‘State of the Web’: Summer 2015 Edition

Every quarter, Viget gets together for a ‘Third Third Thursday’ (TTT) event. It’s a chance for us to review company progress, discuss opportunities for improvement, and let loose for some serious bonding time.

Over the past few years, I’ve shared a ‘State of the Web’ presentation at these events to highlight broad trends and spark discussion. Here are a few of the key take-aways from this year’s session:

MozCon 2015 Recap – Disruption At Its Finest

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending MozCon in Seattle, an impressive digital marketing conference that brought together over a thousand talented professionals for three days of thoughtful discussion. Geared towards marketers from brands, agencies, and freelancers, the more than two dozen talks focused on a variety of topics, ranging from content strategy to conversion rate optimization (CRO). Throughout the week, consistent themes emerged from speakers, so here's a breakdown.

View event recommendations and talk ratings here:

View all speakers and download slides here:

How Long to Run A/B Tests: the Known and Unknown

Although split testing has become an essential part of any sound digital strategy, many people have misconceptions about the process -- especially the amount of time needed to get results.  When relying solely on anecdotes from others, one can easily over- or under-estimate the time needed to reach a statistically sound conclusion.

In this post, I’ll visualize the factors that can affect test duration and explain approaches to getting faster results.

The Next RMDPM Presentation: 90octane

On Thursday, May 28, Rocky Mountain Digital Project Managers will get together for another great presentation from local digital leaders.

This month, we’re in Denver with the fantastic people at 90octane as our host and presenters. A few folks over at 90octane, including Lauren Hilboldt, Christie Declements, and Becky Shortell will discuss a recent project they completed. You can expect to learn about their unique process and the tools they used during that project. There will be a Q&A opportunity following the presentation.

90octane will provide food and beverages beginning at 6:00PM. We will talk/mingle/eat/drink until about 6:30PM when the presentation will start.

4 Themes from Social Tools Summit - #SocialTools15

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of attending the inaugural Social Tools Summit in Boston, representing both Viget and one of our recent Pointless Corp. projects, SocialPiq. With a healthy mix of brand marketers, agencies, and vendors in the audience, the event centered around cutting-edge social tools and strategy. One unique aspect of the summit was the use of expert and “trender” panels, which led to some lively discussions on a variety of topics, including social listening, content marketing, social advocacy, marketing automation, and analytics.

As the number of social media tools increases, it’s becoming more and more difficult to decide which solution is appropriate, and community education (through events like this and other resources) helps make those decisions easier and prepare for the future. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the speakers and panelists, as well as their level of candor. For more information on the event sessions, check out the ratings and recommendations on SpeakerRate.

Throughout the summit, I noticed four major themes that surfaced consistently (and included some quotes from event speakers, as well):