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The Boulder DPM Meetup is Now the Rocky Mountain DPM Meetup

Image Credit: Steve Schoeffel

Exciting news from the (former) Boulder Digital Project Manager meetup! After a year and a half of holding monthly meetups primarily for Boulder digital project managers (PMs), we’ve decided to expand our gathering to surrounding communities. With so many pockets of project managers in the Denver/Boulder metro area, we’ve decided to start planning events that will appeal to PMs throughout the entire area, and we have the new name to prove it! The all new Rocky Mountain DPM (RMDPM) meetup will utilize new locations that are more conducive to PMs attending from other rocky mountain communities. Stay tuned in the coming weeks, as we’ll be announcing the first meetup in a non-Boulder area location -- it’s going to be a great one!

Staying Agile in an Agency Setting—A BDPM Meetup Wrap-up

Agile. It can be a loaded word, and despite having a written manifesto, a word with many interpretations. As a “Certified Scrum Master” I do feel relatively up to speed on what’s intended when someone wants to work in an agile fashion, but I’m not an expert, and I would never claim to be.

How to Approach a Redesign with Digital Analytics in Mind

At Viget we do a lot of redesign work. The analytics team informs and supports our redesign project teams in the initial strategy and design phase with a focus on data-driven design and development. It’s also our job, however, to get our clients interested and excited about post-launch analytics.

To get the most out of analytics, it’s helpful to have a framework to follow: Plan, Implement Tracking, and Act…the PITA model. Using PITA to think about analytics with the right mindset before a project even starts will establish appropriate expectations for a team to help get the most out of a redesign in the long run. Let me explain in more detail:

Staying Agile While Working With Large Companies: The Next Boulder Digital PM Happy Hour

On Thursday, July 24, Boulder-based, web-focused Project Managers will get together for another great presentation from a local Digital Project Manager.

We’re thrilled to welcome Sara Barber, Senior Producer at Mondo Robot, as Thursday’s presenter. For several years, Sara has worked with large organizations like Microsoft and Comcast. Along the way, she’s learned and developed tips for successful agile-focused engagements with large companies, and she’ll be presenting those for us on Thursday.

Visualizing the Evolution of the San Antonio Spurs with Tableau

With their Game 5 victory over the Miami Heat this past month, the San Antonio Spurs officially won their fifth championship in the Tim Duncan and Gregg Popovich era, dating back to the 1997-98 season. Recently, much has been made of the Spurs’ consistency since Duncan entered the league: 17 consecutive trips to the playoffs, and regular season win percentages above 60% for each of those seasons.

Basketball experts and fans alike have observed that the Spurs have evolved from being a defensive juggernaut to an offensive powerhouse. I wanted to see if the data supported the NBA eye-test. Analyzing stats from with Tableau Public--just released for Mac--this is what I found.